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Posted by on Feb 13 2013, in Art, Crafty Singapore, Events, Flea Markets & Bazaars

Note: This article was originally published in another blog. This article is syndicated with permission.

It has been a really long time since I last participated in a craft market. Been looking out for craft markets which would not take up too much of my time. MAAD Pyjamas was perfect for me as it was a one-night affair from 5pm to 12midnight, slated to be on the first Friday of every month. MAAD stands for ‘Market of Artists and Designers’. MAAD Pyjamas is a mixture of food, band performances, DJ turn-tabling, portrait sketching, handmade crafters and budding designers.

Being kiasu (Singaporean slang for ‘being afraid to lose out’), I registered my details a month before MAAD Pyjamas; which was scheduled on 1st Feb 2013.

My preparations for MAAD are listed below (might be more or less for other vendors):

– updating product inventory

– tagging products with prices and codes

– checking that there were enough namecards

– checking that there were enough plastic bags & gift bags

– coming up with a MAAD-exclusive contest

– printing out promotional banners, flyers & mailing list forms

– promoting the event on herphotoblog’s social media sites & mailing list

– ticking off a checklist (really depends if this helps you)

– buying display materials such as boxes and stands

– bringing a lamp & extension plug (can get quite dark depending on location)

– telling my friends about the event

– packing my luggage & extra bag of stuff

– changing enough float ($2, $5, $10 and coins)

– comfy attire for the actual event

If you do not drive (like myself), make sure you pack your items in a way that does not make carrying them a hassle. Book for a cab instead of waiting along the road, so that you can reach there early without perspiring buckets.

I stacked one bag on top of the luggage and carried the other bag with the hand that was not pushing the bag+luggage

Elvin of MAAD emailed to say that the location of booths would be dependent on how early you arrive at the Red Dot Design Museum, on a first-come-first-serve basis. I was there at about 2.45pm and luggages (instead of humans) were queuing up in front of the closed shutters! Registration started shortly before 4pm. Each vendor was given a wooden suitcase, a stool and an emergency lamp. You would have to top up money to rent an extra table, chair, etc.

If it is your first time there, do not be afraid to smile and ask around. I talked to a kind lady queuing behind me and asked her where a good spot would be. She gave great advice as she was a regular MAADster. I chose the area in front of the registration counter. People would have to walk through my area before heading into the other gallery. You would be able to use the space as long as you see a brown rack there.

I took a pretty long time to set up my booth. Firstly, I packed all my products individually so it was a torture removing them from the plastics. Secondly, since there was depth in the wooden suitcase, my products could not be seen. Michelle, who runs TrinketHouse, helped me prop up my boxes so that they were in a better view to my potential customers.

Lesson learnt – arrange your products in the boxes you want to display before you head to MAAD. To prevent them from falling out, you probably can cling wrap the boxes. Bring planks and blocks to prop up your boxes. Other than that, everything else went quite well. Customers love it when you are sincere. Smile at them. Welcome them to your booth. Explain the concept of your business. Just be yourself. I had a few people asking me for my namecard as they loved my designs. Go to a craft market with an open mind. Do not expect to make lots of money. It is also the networking part that is important.

Hope I provided a detailed insight into preparing and participating in a craft market. The next MAAD Pyjamas will be on 1st March 2013. Will you be there? (:

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