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Two Rules for Good Customer Service

Posted by on Feb 15 2013, in Business Advice

As a professional in the customer service industry, I have found two key aspects of making customers happy. These rules are simple and easy to remember.

Here they are:
1. Set Expectations
2. Treat others as you would like to be treated


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Setting expectations is not complicated. You just have to make sure you write down your shop policies clearly. Yes I know it is a pain to write down so many things, but by writing down policies, you are making sure that the customer is well informed and they know what to expect. If they know what to expect they will not be surprised or upset. What are the things that must be clearly defined in your shop policy?

These are the top 5 items you should clearly define:
1. Production Time – How long does it take you to make the item?
2. Shipping Time – What is your schedule in posting order? Once a week or three times a week?
3. Delivery Time – How long does it take for posted items to reach your local and international customers?
4. Handling Cost – Do you charge for handling costs (envelope, packaging, fare to the post office)?
5. Refund Policy – What happens when the order is lost or damaged? What it the customer changes their mind and wants to return or replace the item?

Let’s say you have an order worth over a hundred dollars and your customer is overseas. Your customer seems to think that the order will reach them in 5 days. What do you do? Do you keep quiet and just let your customer think what they assume since you’ve listed the delivery time in your policies?

No. You set expectations. You have to tell your customer that you are overseas and international shipping takes 2 weeks or so. Just because you listed your policy on your site for your customer to read, it doesn’t mean they will read it. Let your customers know any information that is relevant to their order. Rule number one basically leads to rule number two.

We all know rule number two. We’ve heard our parents mention this. It is the Golden Rule. Basically what it means is be a decent human being slash business owner. If the item was damaged in the mail, offer a refund or a replacement. If an order is lost, help your customer trace it. Give allowances to your customer since life is not perfect and things happen.

Delivering good customer service means that you are likely to retain that customer and convert them to a repeat buyer. A happy customer usually refers you to others and helps advertise your business through word of mouth. A good testimonial or feedback is the best type of advertising and it’s free.

What do you think of our two rules to making customers happy? Do you have any rules you’d like to add?

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