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Foxy Mascot Contest

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Foxy Mascot Contest Poster


To celebrate the launch of our site and our new team mascot, Foxy, we are holding a Foxy Mascot Contest. We are accepting handmade items inspired by Foxy and our team colours.

This contest is open to local and international participants. Selected entries will be promoted on the team website, as well as on all our social media accounts. Besides the tallied votes, the Crafty Singapore Committee reserves all rights to decide the top 3 winners of the contest.

Once the contest ends, the Crafty Singapore Committee will list the items made by the finalists in our Crafty Singapore Etsy store. Credit will be given to the creators of these items in the Etsy listing descriptions. Proceeds from these items will go to the Crafty Singapore Committee fund to support the planning of our team events and to cover production costs of our team’s promotional materials.

If you choose to create a 2D item, feel free to download our official images here. Use of these images is only allowed during the duration of the Foxy Mascot Contest. Use of these images after the contest will require prior permission from the Crafty Singapore Committee.


What are we looking for?

– Best use of the Foxy image and/or colours

– Handmade item using any material

– Unique concept or idea


How do I submit my handmade item?

– Take a clear photo of your handmade item in a well-lit environment. Your photo must be 300 x 300 pixels and at least 300 dpi.

– Use our contest form to submit your photo

– The Crafty Singapore Committee will determine the items that will be accepted in the finals.

– All finalists will be asked to mail their items to the Crafty Singapore Committee. A mailing address will be provided to all finalists via email at a later date.

– A voting contest will be held to determine the top 3 winners of the Foxy Mascot Contest. Voting will be done via our website.


What are the prizes?
Winners can claim any items from our contest sponsors using their vouchers. Contest sponsors may have their own terms & conditions with regards to prize redemption. Winners are to contact our contest sponsors directly. The Crafty Singapore Committee will not be held responsible for any loss of prizes during redemption with our contest sponsors.

1st prize: $675 worth of vouchers

Fat Connection – S$50

Unique Grabs – US$50

Katrina Alana – US$50

Il Mare Atelier – US$25

Tinge – S$50

Shop Moody Mary – S$100

Simple Arts Planet – S$50

Carol Raeburn Jewelry – S$50

Fun With Artz – S$50

Lizzie Rose Jewelry – US$25

Projects By Jane – US$50

Herphotoblog – S$50

Steaks and Eggs Please – S$25

Crystal Senses – S$50


2nd prize: $430 worth of vouchers

Fat Connection – S$30

Unique Grabs – US$25

Katrina Alana – US$25

Il Mare Atelier – US$25

Trinkets Etcetera – S$50

Lea Estella – US$50

Zhou Li Juan – US$50

Elves At Work – US$50

Marolsha – US$25

Beautiful Revelry – US$25

Ilusieve – S$50

Sandy Yu Design – S$25


3rd prize: $280 worth of vouchers

Fat Connection – S$30

Unique Grabs – US$25

Katrina Alana – US$25

Trinkets Etcetera – S$25

Le Conie Design – US$50

Melba Shoppe – S$25

Vintage Diary – US$50

Joy Peck Joy – US$25

Steak and Eggs Please – S$25


What is the timeline of the contest?

Submission of Photos: 8 March 2013 to 15 April 2013
Voting: 17 April 2013 to 12 May 2013
Announcement of Winners: 15 May 2013


For all other enquiries, please contact the Crafty Singapore Committee here.

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DebshoDoodles is a creative individual who dabbles in anything and everything that is visually artistic. Her signature style is hand drawn illustrations or “doodles”. She graduated with a BA in Education (Visual Art major) and a Diploma in Mass Communication (Advanced Radio Production major). She has experience in teaching art to children and marketing on social media platforms. To date, she has created several commissioned art pieces and illustrated for a creative writing book titled "Every Child's Guide To Write Away!" by Claudine Fernandez.