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Foxy Mascot Contest – Jesus Fernandez Nuñez

Posted by on Mar 24 2013, in Art, Contests, Crafty Singapore, Giveaways

Tell us something about your creation. How did you come up with this idea or what inspired you?
Character inspired by ancient game (Crash Bandicoot) for his joy and his adventures easy mobility in the game, made ​​with modeling clay, without the use of industrial molds, Stop Motion style, you can change its position on arms, legs, hips, turning head and eye movement, manually

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DebshoDoodles is a creative individual who dabbles in anything and everything that is visually artistic. Her signature style is hand drawn illustrations or “doodles”. She graduated with a BA in Education (Visual Art major) and a Diploma in Mass Communication (Advanced Radio Production major). She has experience in teaching art to children and marketing on social media platforms. To date, she has created several commissioned art pieces and illustrated for a creative writing book titled "Every Child's Guide To Write Away!" by Claudine Fernandez.