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Featured Crafter – Tiny Rabbit Hole

Posted by on Nov 04 2016, in Featured Seller


1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
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Hello, we’re a team of 2 building the amigurumi scene in Singapore. Angie is our crochetartist who has an extremely soft spot for cute characters, whereas, Yew Tong is our idea generator and tech producer who helps to push our brand a notch higher every time. Angie is a UI/UX Designer and she is also a teacher with Saturday Kids. To her, life is about having fun and being creative! Angie met Yew Tong at work and with a similar interest in games, characters and plushies, we decided to work together to spread the joy of making amigurumi in Singapore!


2. How did you come up with your brand name?

I guessed I was always mesmerised by the thought of Alice in Wonderland and how magical things happen when Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole. Thus, the name sprang into mind.

3. What got you into crafting?

Angie has started delving into the amigurumi scene when she was in Brisbane, Australia last year. Having stayed there for 4 years working and studying, basking in the weekly weekend markets, monthly craft affairs and other annual art events, Angie just thought that she should start moving her hands and make something she likes! Her short little adventure into crochet when she was just 10 at a neighbouring craft store gave her an awesome head start. With the basic skills and lots of persistence and perseverance, she decided to transform that into something creative!


4. What do you make and why do you make them?

We make anything that’s cute! We started with a chibi Pikachu and our orders for more Pokemon characters started flooding in. We make other animals too. As long as the design is cute enough to make you cringe, that’s what we will make!

5. Do you have a favorite item that you have created? Is it sold or still available for purchase?

Our favourite item is the legendary dog, Suicune. It was a custom order made by one of our loyal clients! Frankly speaking, that was our first encounter with this Pokemon character and we were at a loss how to create the head. It turned out to be something funny that we couldn’t help laughing! Luckily enough, we managed to rethink how to do it and it turned out so cute that we can’t resist not to sell it away. Our items are all made-to-order. As good crafted items takes time, our waiting time is usually around 5 days to 7 days.


6. Are you a full time artist or crafter? If not, would you like to be one?

I have always yearned to be a full time crafter, and so here I am. And I’m glad to have found a like-minded friend to brave through the unexpected journey together!

7. Do you have any favorite blogs or resources that you can share to our readers?

I subscribe to Frankie Magazine and Hooray Magazine from Australia as they have tons of creative works to keep my brain alive. I also browse Etsy and Pinterest to see other lovely works by other amigurumi artists.


8. Do you have any discount codes or promotions that you can offer our readers?

Not at the current moment but we are organizing workshop and discount is coming pretty soon.


9. Please provide me all the links to your social media accounts and shops.