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Featured Crafter – HandMade by Gwendolyn

Posted by on Feb 18 2017, in Featured Seller

1.Can you tell us about yourself?

Hi, I’m Gwendolyn and I’m a 50+ desperate housewife who makes cards in Germany. I recently became the proud owner of a small Etsy shop called HandMade by Gwendolyn where I sell my shadow box cards and normal 2D greeting cards.


2.How did you come up with your brand name?

It was the next option because I couldn’t use my real brand name which is Desperatehousewifecraft! The reason why I chose that name is because that was who I was when I first arrived in Germany 4 years ago as an expat wife. Taking care of our 2 kids fulltime, running the PTA, lunching with the ladies and throwing myself into all sorts of arts and crafts to keep me busy.


3.What got you into crafting?

I have never thought of myself as artsy or even creative, but having quit the corporate world to help my family settle here, I suddenly had a lot of time to discover new passions. After trying crochet, soy candles, abstract painting, scrapbooking…I stumbled into card-making and now I can’t get enough of it! This month I’m celebrating my first year in the card-making and blogging world.

4.What do you make and why do you make them?

I design and make 2 types of greeting cards. Shadow Box cards which are illuminated by a led light and normal 2D greeting cards. I make shadow box cards because they are different from the normal flat cards and they will stay on as a decoration in your homes long after the festivities are over. I continue making 2D cards with inks, stamps and die cuts, because that allows me to learn new techniques which I love, like this marbling technique with nail polish!

All my cards are hand decorated and I don’t use any designer paper to decorate my cards. In general, I love working with paper because in this hyper tech world we live in, it is so nice to spend a few hours creating something with our hands and I am so happy when my teenage kids pull themselves away from their screens and come over to craft with me. They are also my number 1 fans, critiques and inspiration.

5.Do you have a favorite item that you have created? Is it sold or still available for purchase?

They are my Roses and Heart Shadow Box cards because they were the very first designs I created. It took me a week to design the individual images and then decide how best to assemble them! All my cards are made to order and I will give a 10% discount to your members.

6.Are you a full-time artist or crafter?

I have just become a full-time card maker, because I could spend 10h a day making and designing cards and still not get enough of it! I registered my business in Germany and so legitimised my need for buying loads of craft supplies! LoL!


7.Do you have any favorite blogs or resources that you can share to our readers?

I owe everything I know about card making to other bloggers so I have quite a few, but my favorites would be:

Jennifer McGuire – THE guru in hand made cards

Therese Calvird from Lost in Paper – her colouring skills are amazing

Rebecca Luminarias at Thurstonpost – I love the way she photographs her products

And my latest discovery

Simon Hurley at Inklipse who is a 14 year old boy who has amazing technique and upbeat youtube videos

All the links to my social media and shops:

I would love your members to follow me on all my social media accounts and I am giving away a great craft prize to one lucky winner this month who does just that!