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Featured Crafter – Sylph Handmade

Posted by on Nov 18 2017, in Featured Seller

I have been interested in arts since I was a child. It was always an adventure to recreate and design crafts that I have seen as gifts and out of curiosity. I finally found the inspiration and motivation to open my own business in Singapore in 2015, using my love for arts to spread awareness and interest to others as well as to use my business to raise funds to underprivileged charities.

In 2015, I raised funds for abused girls in Singapore as well as creating awareness on this issue through art.

Sylph is a fairy spirit of the air. I have always love fairies and wanted a name that symbolises something that eventually is an acronym to my name. It also personifies the ability to unleash an endless imagination for limitless creations.

sylph~handmade’s quote is ‘where imagination lives forever’…

I started young from my mother’s influence as she is always creating something artistic, from washi eggs to lace crochet (and for this season, you can actually acquire some of it from my booth, but only a limited selection as she does it to past the time).

I make origami (folding), kirigami (cutting), pop-up books, basically, anything to do with paper.

I am always finding ways to challenge myself, and for this period, it is to fold miniature origami. These origami are usually 75mm x 75mm but can sometimes get as tiny as 18.5mm x 18.55mm (Yes, you read that right, it is in millimetres and not centimetres!). I enjoy making them as a source of motivation to myself that nothing is impossible, plus the fact that I love art.

I have designed from scratch a book for a client of mine (which you can view the full version online on my facebook @sylphhandmade) that is based on their character, personality, and history. It is about two ladies that had a beautiful friendship for 42 years and she wanted to give her a gift that is personalised and one of a kind, one that tells both their stories (which thankfully it did!).

This is still a hobby for me, where I try my best to expand it with the purpose of spreading awareness for hands-on handicraft. At the moment, I am a special needs therapist working with children with autism and it is my other passion. Hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to find a balance and to design a curriculum that allows the introduction of paper handicrafts as a form of therapy as well as education to children with special needs as well as elderly. For now, I try my best to work with under the radar organisations to raise funds and awareness to certain issues in society.

For origami, I follow quite a few artists out there that create origami from scratch, which honestly are superbly amazing! I personally follow various works from Akira Yoshizawa, and Jo Nakashima.

For kirigami, I enjoy works from Aoyama Hina.

For this season of joy, readers that are interested to learn origami or kirigami, they can contact me (@sylphhandmade) and I will conduct private sessions at a flat rate. On top of that, I will design the sessions based on the reader’s level of comfort and speed without extra charges. All materials will be provided for and you will be able to take back your creations.

You can find me on instagram and facebook @sylphhandmade.

I will be at Velocity @ Novena Christmas Pop Up Market for a fortnight from 20th November 2017 until 3rd December 2017, at Level 1, in front of The Body Shop. Looking forward to see you there!

Thank you!