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Featured Crafter – Wyrrd Rune

Posted by on Nov 25 2017, in Featured Seller

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi, I’m Dsurion – a multimedia design designer by training, turned self-learned jewelry crafter. Wyrrd Rune is my handcrafting love affair with the medium of jewelry, in particular, the mysterious and elegant Gothic and Victorian styles, dominated by soft luscious laces and flowers amidst vintage cameos, sinister skulls and dark flashing jewels.

Crafter creative aside, I’m also an active cosplayer very much immersed in Japan’s colourful culture of anime, manga and games. A lover of all things quaint, quirky and fun, I curate seasonally-themed jewelry collections from time to time as well. Japan AMG (anime, manga, games) culture inspired, 1920s Flapper Girls Fashion, Steampunk, Halloween, X’mas – you name it, I create it!
2. How did you come up with your brand name?
As a designer and jewelry crafter, my inquisitiveness led me to take interest in various topics for inspiration – tarot-reading, mysticism, language etc. I have a set of tarot cards called the Dragon Deck and one day, when I was searching for a name for my home-based jewelry studio, I happened to chance upon the Wyrrd Rune – one of the symbols on one of my tarot cards. The Wyrrd Rune is the rumoured 25th blank rune which supposedly represents the Father God in Norse Mythology – Odin and was considered a myth because of its supposed “non-existence” in runeology.
Creativity and inspirations are born from literally, an endless void of possibilities and nothingness, and are interpreted into tangible and relatable forms via them who conceptualize and create – that’s why “Wyrrd Rune” and what it stands to represent.

3. What got you into crafting?
I had always been someone who likes to create, so crafting becomes like somewhat a second nature to me since the beginning – like breathing.

4. What do you make and why do you make them?
I make Gothic, Victorian and seasonally-themed jewelries. I’m a hoarder as much as a jewelry crafter, so those pretty shiny baubles and vintage parts I collect end up getting showcased as story-telling components in my jewelry expressions.
Jewelry-making is also my way of telling stories to the world – the many experiences I’ve gone through in life, the things I see on the everyday etc. And when those stories resonate with others who come across my works, it’s my way of connecting with “friends who are strangers I hadn’t met”.

5. Do you have a favorite item that you have created? Is it sold or still available for purchase?
Yes I do and yes I still have it in my possession! It’s my very first Gothic choker which I made as an experiment and the closures were made from aluminium strips I had drilled and hammered manually because I had no clue that there were such things as “razor clasps” in existence then.
6. Are you a full time artist or crafter? If not, would you like to be one?
Yes, I am currently running Wyrrd Rune full-time as a jewelry crafter, while being a prop-maker for cosplay props as a side!
7. Do you have any favorite blogs or resources that you can share to our readers?
I have 2 actually! The first being a UK handcrafted Gothic and Victorian jewelry site – “Decarabia Gothic Victorian Jewellery” (! Her works are awesome and she just keeps improving on her designs, where two pieces are never quite the same as each other over the years! As such, her site’s my literal go-to and “holy bible” when I just started out on making Gothic and Victorian themed jewelries!
The second is my good friend and fellow crafter – Aethercraft (, who makes fantasy and video-game inspired jewelry! She’s always striving to improve her works by learning and incorporating new techniques! You can check her out on her Instagram too, where she is currently in her experimentation phase of fiddling with resin-cast single terminated crystal towers!

8. Do you have any discount codes or promotions that you can offer our readers?
Specially for the upcoming Velocity @ Novena Christmas Pop Up Market, yes I do! As Velocity is situated in the heart of the future Health City Novena precinct, I’ll be extending a 10% discount to all healthcare staffs! As I’ve underwent two major operations before, I felt that I’ve benefited greatly from our healthcare sector and as such, would like to take the chance to extend my heartfelt thanks.
9. Please provide me all the links to your social media accounts and shops.

10. When will you be selling at the Velocity @ Novena Christmas Pop Up Market and where is your booth location?
I’ll be selling at the Velocity @ Novena Christmas Pop Up Market on 27th Nov – 3rd Dec, at the Level 2 Walkway!