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Featured Crafter – Artz De Scrap

Posted by on Nov 26 2017, in Featured Seller

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi! I am Felicia Ow (also known as filiksia), and I am inspired by the things I see and observe in my everyday lives (eg. fashion, materials, environment, architecture, etc). I love to be inspired and enjoy the art of making with a range of materials. I gains insights from the workshops I attend and learning from other makers around, I then try to mesh the various materials up together harmoniously to create unique accessories to portray my style and what I am inspired by.

2. How did you come up with your brand name?
My brand name Artz de Scrap came about when I started doing scrapbooking with a group of friends, and we wanted to inspire others who are also interested in crafting to create works of art through scrapbooking. Since Artz de Scrap’s handmade jewelry is also a mesh of various materials (including materials that have been upcycled) put together to create wearable art pieces, hence, I decided to use the name for my brand.

3. What got you into crafting?
I have always loved to use my hands to make all sorts of stuffs, and started out with making gifts for family and friends. I had always loved fashion and through several different opportunities (eg. Dress making, Fashion Mentorship, Maker Apprenticeship) I had, I decided to pursue my interests as a Maker and Fashion Accessories Designer.
4. What do you make and why do you make them?
Here at Artz de Scrap we are dedicated to inspire through what we observe in our everyday lives (eg. fashion, materials, environment, architecture, etc), our explorations with various materials and share all the beautiful wearable art creations by filiksia.
For every piece of Artz de Scrap’s handmade jewelry, it is part of our exploration journey of the possibilities in materials through reinterpretation and pushing boundaries. This involves a mesh of various types of materials together with a mix of traditional and new techniques, to create artistic handmade accessories that are unique and interesting to create a style statement. Our pieces are for those who are not afraid to show their personality and be different in a stylish way. Artz de Scrap’s pieces are made in limited quantity to encourage slow fashion and the appreciation of handmade jewelry.
Artz de Scrap also include used items and upcycle them to be part of our handmade jewelry pieces. So there is a mix of old and new materials used. The limited quantity also ensures no wastage of materials when creating the pieces.

5. Do you have a favorite item that you have created? Is it sold or still available for purchase?

I have a current favourite statement necklace piece which I created and designed especially for Singapore Fashion Runway for the Fashion For A Social Cause event held on 12 August 2017. This necklace piece is part of our ColourBurst Collection and is called the Oriental Swirls Necklace. There is also a matching bracelet to go with it. Oriental Swirls Necklace is made using a series of materials like Coloured Wooden Beads, Handmade Soft Clay Beads, Handmade Polymer Clay Pieces, Handmade Polymorph Toy Figurine, Upcycled Metal Bangle and Recycled Jersey Yarns. Only 1 piece is available for the design.
Fashion For A Social Cause was an event where various people with special needs got to be part of a fashion runway show. The sale of this piece will support our social cause, so that the funds raised will assist the special needs children and/ or cancer patients/ survivors through Singapore Fashion Runway. For more details on the collection designed for the Fashion For A Social Cause event, do check out the pieces featured in our Etsy ( and Facebook shop page (

6. Are you a full time artist or crafter? If not, would you like to be one?

Currently, I am a full time artist / crafter, at other times I do also conduct crafting workshops and work with various organisations as a trainer to facilitate workshops at events and in schools.

7. Do you have any favorite blogs or resources that you can share to our readers?
At Artz de Scrap, there are many resources we love to share, but there is just too many to be listed. We share our inspirations, interesting things we see and the events we are involved in through our blog (, Facebook page (, Instagram ( and Twitter ( So do follow us to find out more. 

8. Do you have any discount codes or promotions that you can offer our readers?

There will be a 10% discount offered to the readers if they subscribe to our mailing list. More discounts may be offered during the Christmas Pop-up Market on various items too! So do come by to say hi and take a look at the one-of-a-kind handmade accessories we have to offer.

9. Please provide me all the links to your social media accounts and shops.
Online stores:

Social Media Accounts:

10. When will you be selling at the Velocity @Novena Christmas Pop Up Market and where is your booth location?
We will be selling at Velocity @ Novena Christmas Pop Up Market from 27 November 2017 to 10 December 2017. Our booth is located in front of Yocha on Level 1.