Crafty Singapore

About Us

With the setup of the Crafty Singapore Team, we hope to bring together people in Singapore who have a common interest in crafting. Goals include bringing about awareness of the beauty of handmade products, bonding within the team, and sharing of craft related information within Singapore.


Who can join this team?

We welcome anyone who is located in Singapore or is a Singaporean to join Crafty Singapore Team!


How do I join this community?

Membership details are found in the FAQ.


Editorial Team:

Richard Richard is an engineer by profession and making handmade cards bring him lots of joy and satisfaction. He loves colors and hopes that his cards can bring joy and excitement to people all around the world.
Katrina Katrina is an avid crafter, blogger and entrepreneur She works at learning various media and creates projects in a weekly basis. She is currently focused on developing her digital illustration line for posters and greeting cards. She has been crafting since she was little and believes that home is where the art is.
DebshoDoodles DebshoDoodles is a creative individual who dabbles in anything and everything that is visually artistic. Her signature style is hand-drawn illustrations or “doodles”. She has experience in teaching art to children and marketing on social media platforms. To date, she has created several commissioned art pieces and also illustrated for a creative writing book titled “Every Child’s Guide To Write Away!” by Claudine Fernandez. The second book is in progress now.