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Posted by on Jan 28 2013

Who can join this team?

We welcome anyone who is located in Singapore or is a Singaporean to join Crafty Singapore Team!

How to join this community

  1. 1. Go to the Team Page at Etsy and click on the Apply button. Link: click here
  2. 2. Fill up the membership form below


Membership Form:

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Forum Rules:

- Be kind and respectful at all times.
- Do not open duplicate threads. Search the team threads and post in the appropriate thread only.
- Do not create new threads to promote your own events and websites. Promotional threads are already created and you should post there.
- Do not discuss religion or politics or race.

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Craft Singapore reserves the right to make changes to these membership terms if it is deemed it necessary or if it is required by law. Members will notified of the change in advance of the change becoming effective through If you do not want to accept the change, you may terminate your membership with immediate effect at any time before the change becomes effective.

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